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if any of you guys like 1D check this blog out! =)

So I was dreaming with Junsu a couple of nights ago…

Great dream!

Then, my Mama woke me up

To go. to. CHURCH. T.T 

When I think I spot someone that likes TVXQ

cr. hottimeskpop.tumblr

When a girl looks at me wrong because I listen to TVXQ


When your crush ends up with another girl-

First you’re like: 

Then you’re like:

"I got TVXQ!"

Then you see you crush and his girlfriend and you’re like: 

Please, I did so much better” 

TVXQ on Heroes: A Cassie’s worst nightmare

Yunho was like: 

& Changim was like: 


Wae, Homin??? You broke my heart T^T